Membership Rules & Guidelines

At TeamJoined, we're all about celebrating your commitment to fitness and rewarding your dedication. Dive into our rewards program:
  • Earn Points: Every dollar you spend (1 HKD) translates into 1 point. Make every purchase an opportunity to get closer to exclusive rewards.
  • Redeem Rewards: The power of points! Transform your hard-earned points into rewards. From exclusive discounts to limited-edition gear, the more you earn, the more you can unleash. Please note that the points are locked and cannot be returned or refunded even if the order using the coupon code is canceled.
  • Point Expiry: Keep the momentum going! Points will expire after 12 months of inactivity. So, continue shopping, and sharing to maintain your points.
  • VIP Tiers:
    • Silver Member: Every HKD propels you with 1 point. Dive in and start your journey with us.
    • Gold Member: Cross the 3000 HKD threshold and amplify your earnings with 3 points per HKD. As a token of our appreciation, you'll get a free shipping treat once you entry Gold Member Tier.
    • Platinum Member: Elevate your status by spending 6000 HKD and earn 5 points for every HKD. Celebrate your ascent with a free shipping treat and an exclusive $30 HKD discount code.
    • Black Diamond Member: Achieve the elite by spending 15000 HKD, reaping 10 points for every HKD. Revel in a trio of rewards: complimentary shipping, a $30 HKD TeamJoined discount, and an elite 10% off just for you.
  • VIP Membership Duration: Your VIP status is a year of smashing goals with TeamJoined! Keep the vibe alive and renew each year to keep rocking those elite perks.
  • Dynamic Rewards: As TeamJoined evolves, our rewards program will too. Anticipate new, thrilling ways to earn and redeem points. Stay connected for the freshest updates and benefits.
Note: As we grow and innovate, our rewards structure and events might see some exciting changes. Your unwavering support fuels our journey, and we're thrilled to have you with us.