New Arrival 10% Off

Dragon Muscle Stringer
HK$269.00 $299.00
Dragon Extra Oversized
HK$449.00 $499.00
Dragon Extra Oversized
HK$449.00 $499.00
Dragon Adapt Flexfit Top
HK$359.00 $399.00
Dragon Sleeves Cut Oversized Top
HK$449.00 $499.00
TJTC™ BETTER Splice Muscle Stringer
HK$224.00 $249.00
TJTC™ Adapt LEVEL UP Flexfit Top
HK$359.00 $399.00
TJTC™ Adapt Arch logo Flexfit Top
HK$359.00 $399.00
TeamJoined Month Campaign Notice

1. Starting from 5/15 at 11:00 AM, single orders will enjoy the following benefits when reaching specified thresholds:
- Selected items: Enjoy 15% off when purchasing 3 items.
- New arrivals: Get 10% off.
- Spend HK$1,500 to receive a limited edition "Joined® Classic Embroidered Cap (Black)".
- Spend HK$3,000 to receive a limited edition "Joined® Stainless Steel Shaker Cup (Black)".
- Limited quantity available, while stocks last.

2. Event Notes:
- All items (except co-branded, special, and protective gear) are eligible for cumulative spending.

3. After-sales Return Policy:
Return rules are as follows:
- If part of the order is cancelled or returned, causing the threshold not to be met, the benefits and gift eligibility will be cancelled.
- If you wish to keep certain items, they will not qualify for set discounts.
- If the order amount increases after returns, the entire order must be returned.
- If the order fails to meet the gift threshold after return, the gift must also be returned.
- If you wish to keep the gift after return, the gift amount will be deducted from the refund.
- Unsealed or used gifts will be treated as purchased items, and the corresponding amount may be deducted from the refund.

Gift Details:
- Gifts will not be displayed on the order page if the order qualifies for them.
- Gifts will be dispatched based on the order placement and payment completion time. Once all gifts are distributed, future orders will not receive additional gifts.
- There will be no further notice once all gifts have been distributed.
- The final eligibility of gifts will be determined 7 days after order delivery (cooling-off period) without any return or exchange requests.
- Gifts will be dispatched by a third-party courier to the order address by 6/20.

4. The actual discount amount will be based on the final displayed amount on the "checkout page".

5. As we operate on a no exchange, only refund policy storewide, please double-check the style and size before placing your order to avoid any inconvenience.

6. Adding items to the shopping cart does NOT confirm your order! You must complete the ordering process, and receiving a "system confirmation email" confirms your order.

7. The end time of the event will be announced on the official website.

TeamJoined reserves the right to make final changes and interpretations to the event